Are you a indie game developer, do you often face game performance problems. I have some secret tips which will let you solve your unity game performance problems.
1. Story:-
The most important thing in a mobile game is a short story which will let you develop your mobile game very easily and by the help of your story line you can divide your modules. Story of the game plays a very important role in the development. If you have a good story and you also have good development skills but your mobile game performance is low then you wont be able to make a good profit from your game. Try to write down a good story and share it with your friends and tell them to give your review.
2. Assets:-
This is the most important part after your game story, for developing a mobile game you need to know what type of game you are developing for that you need a story which you have completed but now what assets you will use in your game. If your game is on off road simulation you have to find and collect assets for off road environments. In this category we always do mistakes by buying a high poly models for our mobile games. You have to make sure that the assets you purchase are low poly and have low draw calls and low texture quality with good shaders.
3. Environment:-
After you have collected the assets now you need to design your game environment, now remember while designing your environment use maximum 5 textures for your terrain, do not put too many assets in front of your camera which will drop your fps and increase your vertices. The best practice is that you buy low poly models and design in a way that too many assets should not come in front of your camera. Try to keep trees in a distance, use buildings with low vertices by doing this practices you will get your environment very good also mobile optimized.
4. Fog:-
Use fog with your sky box haze color, fog gives you the best effect in your game but also minimize your draw calls and increase your mobile game performance.
5. Extras:-
Remove extra scripts from your camera and any game object which is not in used, try to keep your project very clean and understandable, do not leave any bug which you noticed in your first place.
6. User Interface:-
Design your user interface by your artist and keep its quality texture low but check it twice that if it looks good on your mobile with low quality. By compressing your UI will decrease your size of APK which will increase a lot of users to download.
7. Directional light and quality:-
Many developers do not know the significance of lighting and they use two or more directional lights, the best practice is to bake your scene for light mapping if you are not expert you can use ambiance light instead of directional light, if you are using sun in your project and you need to keep directional light so turn off it shadow or keep shadow quality low, this will help you a lot in increasing game performance. About project quality keep it fast or simple do not use good or fantastic quality for your mobile game which in result will slow down your game and many mobile devices which has 1.5 GB ram or low will not run it.
Hope this will help you in increasing your game performance specially for mobile device. In my next article I will tell you guys about how to market your mobile game for free.