Get ready for the most amazing action game of this year. Once you have started this fast paced action and challenging game you will never stop yourself by destroying enemies and terrorists in their own commando base. You are a born and patriotic soldier; you are assigned to this special mission for rescuing hostages and demolishing enemy base and get back to extraction point in a limited time. Security agencies has confirmed the presence of nuclear scientists in terrorist base as an captive and its your duty to rescue him tonight and take the nuclear assets like and IGI commando special force.
What’s Special in this Army Commando Adventure game?
You never were born if you don’t have any purpose in life, and a soldier’s purpose of life is to kill and die for his country’s safety and pride. This game is all about a real story where a Major from Special Forces is selected with most dangerous and tactical skills in combat and war situation. His training was very hard trained in snowy mountains of Himalaya’s under senior and experienced army trainers. His troop members call him Ghazi the man who came back from Death. He doesn’t know what fear neither value his life, this deadly soldier just knows that he is born to fight and kill like one man army. In this action game you will find the most rigorous and deadly combat environment where you have to start from one point and by completing objectives you need to move at the last and extraction point in this Ghazi Game Special Forces Commando Adventure 3D. The fate of future generation depends on this top military commando operation where you need to kills terrorists, get nuclear assets, rescue hostages, plant bombs, collect terrorists attacks locations, kill suicide bombers and eliminate every enemy that comes in this modern combat game, you are ruthless terrorist hunter, strike your blow in this one of a kind first modern action terrorist gun shooter game.
It is the call of duty soldier, take down terrorists in front line battlefields with modern arsenal weapons in this The Ghazi Shooting game. Become an IGI Commando and make this mission an adventure of your life, stealth and strategy is the most important part of every commando mission, put fear in the heart of enemies so they won’t plan any harm against your country. Shoot enemies and defend your country. Play the exotic role of Special Forces and IGI soldier, you are the man standing on the ground of terrorist make them fall and don’t let them rise again in this Ghazi Game Special Forces Commando Adventure 3D. War against terror is in full swing and your company of heroes needs you in this front line battlefield. You are the only person who is chosen to lead and complete this mission so let’s play with and win this realistic 3D FPS Shooter game of war. You are not on a secret mission this should be loud and clear to the enemies that we are a proud nation and don’t ever plan any harm against our country, this is a modern warfare and there are no rules in this battlefield except kill or die.
Ghazi Game Special Forces Commando Adventure 3D Features:
– Beautifully designed 3D war environment.
– Realistic FPS controls with real shooting experience.
– Sound effects which will blow your senses.
– Awesome thrilling war background music.
– Realistic army commando game objectives.
– Exotic and modern weapons.
– Rescuing Hostages.
– Planting Bombs.
– No Internet Required.
– Update every week.
– Free to download.